photo of entrance of Zouglas Restaurant, Nanaimo with Mount Olympus carved glass motif Mount Olympus motif carved glass window in Zouglas Restaurant

Zouglas Restaurant Windows Project

The owner of Zouglas' Restaurant in Nanaimo, required a window treatment that would help block the view of the formal interior of the restaurant. He was seeing potential customers turn away when they saw the formal table settings inside. His interior designer created the design based on a Mount Olympus motif as Zouglas is a Greek restaurant. I sandblasted the windows on site. It was my goal to frost the lower part of the design solidly and to have the top rectangles etched in a different degree of shading to create the snowy mountain top effect. The simple design and the two degrees of etching resulted in a simple and appealing window treatment that accents the interior theme of the restaurant.

photo of Zouglas Restaurant, Nanaimo showing carved glass window details
Zouglas Restaurant, Nanaimo, BC.
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detail image of carved glass mountain motif
Detail of mountain motif.
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Carved glass section of a Grecian Lady