installed exterior glass handrails with orca design sandblasted into them view from yard of Weir's carved glass handrails

The Weir's Orca Divider Project

There were only really two criteria for the Weir's deck handrails. They needed the glass to provide privacy and they were on a limited budget. Todd would have been fine with simply having the panels frosted, but I really prefer to that I provide the best results for any budget. I have to be personally satisfied with all of my carved glass projects so we decided upon a simple etched design featuring Orcas. The glass panels provide privacy and they have that little extra touch.

closeup of corner set of carved glass panels featuring orcas
Close-up of corner panels.
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detail image of single panel with orca etched in glass
Single panel featuring Orcas.
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Carved glass section of the Weir's Orcas handrails