installed west coast carved glass window with eagles, killer whales and windswept trees detail of flying eagle in carved glass

The Taylors' West Coast Window Project

When the Taylors decided to renovate their master bath, they wanted to replace their large brick glass window with something striking. Their house has a lovely view of the Sunshine Coast and they wanted to give a West Coast feel to this room as well. The window also had to provide privacy. This last requirement was obtained by putting the sandblasted panel against an obscure glass panel in the sealed unit. The installed unit is photographed from the inside against a treed park area with the late afternoon sun creating the wonderful green glow.

I have included a sample of the original sketch that was used to create the final project.

detail image of carved glass eagle sitting in a tree
Close-up detail of eagle in tree.
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detail image of windswept trees in carved glass window
Detail of windswept trees.
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Carved glass section of the Taylors' west coast window