close up photo of carved glass window with split dogfish design photo of Smitty's Restaurant across three carved glass booth dividers photo of Smitty's Restaurant's carved glass booth dividers

Smitty's Restaurant Booth Dividers

Smitty's Restaurant wanted to continue the West Coast Native Art theme that was present in their two murals. They decided on sand-blasted glass dividers with a simple split dogfish design. In order to maintain a balanced ambiance within their restaurant, we decided to repeat the same design on every panel. The trick was to make all the panels look alike and what made the trick a challenging one was the fact that panel lengths varied. The longest panel is 6 feet wide and the shortest is only 2 feet wide.

I take pride in the certainty that very few people will notice that the panel lengths differ.

Carved glass section of Smitty's Restaurant Glass Divider split dogfish design