Sandblasted image of Heron preening itself

Welcome to the online home of "Grete's Carved Glass"

This web site is about sandblasted flat glass for windows, doors and other decorative items. Many people when they see sandblasted glass call it "etched glass". And they are correct, it is glass etched with sand.

By using sandblasting techniques, it is possible to cut deep into the glass. You can even blast right through the glass if this is what is required. On the other hand it is possible to just shade the glass very lightly as well. The light shading is a soft white finish while the deeply carved glass is very white. The deeper the design is etched the whiter the glass becomes. In the deep carving you can see the "wall" of the carved area. So sandblasted glass works to create many different shades of white. When light hits just right, the glass the carved design will shine intensely green and beautifully bright. Sandblasted glass is always subtle, distinguished, and elegant, and when it is displayed in an opening that catches the sunlight it changes with the light and is almost magical.

The designs you see on this Web site are custom made to suit a specific area or the interests and taste of my clients. They are all original and unique, but there is distinct lean toward West Coast themes with design elements such as eagles, hummingbirds, herons, killer whales and such. These design elements are altered and combined into designs for each window. However, I hope you will see that with sandblasted glass, anything goes.

If you can imagine it and it can be made into a line drawing it can be sandblasted.

portion of sandblasted geisha girl in glass