photo of entrance of Gryphons Lair Doors with sandblasted glass

The Gryphon's Lair Door Project

Gryphon's Lair Restaurant was established in a space that had previously been a Greek restaurant. The double doors had large Greek figures sandblasted in the middle of each glass panel. On top of that these doors were constructed around the glass so that the only way to change the Greek figures seemed to be getting some new doors. I proposed to sandblast over the previous design and to use the clear space on the top and the bottom of the doors for Gryphon's Lair's name and logo. Unfortunately I did not think of taking pictures of the original design.

photo of top portion of the carved glass doors
Gryphon's Lair Restaurant name detail.
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detail image stylized gryphon icon in carved glass
Detail of gryphon image.
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Carved glass section of a Grecian Lady