installed sand-blasted room divider with Canadian geese and a west coast scene carved into it detail of the Fultons' floathouse carved in glass

The Fultons' Room Divider Project

The Fultons wanted a room divider to make a physical separation between their livingroom and the front entrance of their home. They did not want a solid wall. They were looking for something that would make them and their visitors not feel liek they were walking straight into their livingroom from the outside. The idea of a heavy piece of glass with a carved image on it would be just the thing. We ended up giving the divider and extra artistic touch by making into an irregular shape with a finished sculpted edge.

The main design consists of a pair of geese gliding in for a landing surroundec by a west coast scene. The Fultons have a float house in Bamfield, BC so we incorporated it into the background as well. The overall effect of the divider works well and the artwork suits both the environment and the owners.

Carved glass section of the Fultons' room divider