abstract images carved into glass handrails another photo from a different angle of the carved handrails large detail of carved glass image in end panel of staircase handrails

Jim Dell's Abstract Handrails Project

When Jim Dell asked me to sandblast the glass for his handrails he provided me with full size completely worked out designs nicely shaded with chalk on dark gray hardboard. They had been designed by Mindy Joseph (from Gabriola Island where she creates abstract paintings). She had taken great pains to consider how her designs might look when sandblasted. All I had to do was figure out how I could sandblast these designs so that they came out somewhat like the ones worked out in chalk. It may sound simple, but it was actually quite a challenge. Fortunately the designs have a somewhat 'organic' feel to them which made it easier.

I was very pleased with the end result, and Mindy on the whole was satisfied that I had done justice to her designs.

detail image of portion of carved glass design
Detail of portion of design.
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detail of design in side panel area of carved glass handrail
Detail of a side panel.
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detail image of carved glass pebbles portion of Mindy's design
Detail of pebbles area.
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Carved glass section of Jim Dell's abstract handrails