installed sealife themed handrail in carved glass in the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre Interior door glass carved with sailboats

The Nanaimo Aquatic Centre Project

The City of Nanaimo approached me for the detailing of the various glass fixtures at their new Aquatic Centre. It was a very diverse project with many surfaces and requirements. The work was done on a piece-by-piece basis without strong direction but the sealife and coastal theme carries well throughout the centre.

The Handrails

The handrail that separates the entrance to the change rooms from the main entrance hall have ocean motifs in one continuous marine life scene.

The Doors

There are three doors off the concession area to the administration office and two meeting rooms. They each have a small window in them, but were not supposed to invite people to look in. And they were supposed to indicate the function of the room behind them.

detail image of a carved glass viking crab
Close-up detail of a Viking Crab.
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detail image of swirling fish on carved glass handrail
Detail of swimming fish.
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detail image of a carved orca
Close-up detail of one of the Orcas.
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detail image of rock cod on carved glass handrail
Detail of a rock cod.
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carved glass door
Admin Doors in Aquatic Centre.
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detail orcas carved into the glass of a door
Detail of an Orca Door carving.
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Carved glass section of the Aquatic Centres Handrails